Pepe Rojas

TL Pepe Rojas

Pepe has been interested in natural history since a very early age. He became familiar with the birds of his native Lima, in Peru, where he was born and grew up travelling around the country. In 1990 while studying forestry he had the opportunity to start working in Tambopata, in south-east Peru, as part of a team of researchers studying the reproductive behaviour of macaws and also developing population recovery techniques. During that time he honed his knowledge of the avifauna of the region and extended his expertise with trips to other parts of south-east Peru, including Manu and Cusco. As a birding guide, Pepe has led birding trips in other areas of Peru such as the Tumbesian region, the northwest Maranon, Iquitos, and many other areas. In addition he has birded in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Brazil. In 1992 he also spent six months in the savannas of Beni, Bolivia, studying the reproductive behaviour of Blue-throated Macaws and searching for populations of this species. More recently Pepe has been involved with The Field Museum of Chicago in several rapid biological inventories as part of the logistics and ornithological teams in different locations throughout Peru. He also works training guides, doing environmental workshops, and assisting professional filmmakers and photographers. Pepe currently splits his time between travelling and working in South America and California, where he lives with his girlfriend Abby in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been guiding Naturetrek groups since 2005, and has proved to be a huge asset to our team with his passion and knowledge of Peru and his charm and sense of humour on tour.