Oliwier Myka

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Despite his young age Oliwier has significant field experience and enjoys using his wildlife-finding skills to locate and enjoy the natural history around him. Born in Bia?ystok (Poland), he has been birding and exploring the wildest sites of north-east Poland since the age of 13. Oliwier has successfully completed species and family surveys in the Bia?owie?a Forest, including studying the biology of Pygmy Owl, rare woodpeckers and waders. He is also an active member of Polish Society for Bird Protection (PTOP) as well as a co-worker of Natura International Poland. Oliwier has studied biology at the university in his home city Bia?ystok since 2017 . He is a big football fan (and regularly watches his local team 'Jagiellonia'), he loves maps and his local area.

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