Niki Williamson

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Niki was given a YOC membership for her 6th birthday, and has loved nature ever since. She worked and volunteered for the RSPB for 12 years, managing habitats, brandishing power tools with varying levels of success, and honing her birding skills in some of the best wetland, upland and coastal habitats in the UK. She was part of the Eastern England Farmland Advisory team for eight years, working with nature-friendly farmers to make the countryside a better place for wildlife, eventually heading up the team. Niki is particularly passionate about the plight of the Turtle Dove and was part of Operation Turtle Dove, working to ensure a future for this desperately declining bird. As well as the UK, this work took her to West Africa, where she worked closely with Conservation Grade to survey migratory and resident farmland bird species and their habitat needs, to see how local growers could produce peanuts in a way that is fair to nature and of benefit to wintering migrants. Niki now lives in Southern Spain, near Tarifa, where she has worked full time as a wildlife guide for four years, with a focus on showing people the wondrous migration spectacle of the Straits of Gibraltar. She leads tours here for Naturetrek in spring, autumn and summer, and also leads in various other destinations across Spain, including Coto Doñana, Sierra de Morena, Extremadura, Serranía de Ronda, as well as across the straits in Northern Morocco.

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