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However, my first job, in 1995, was as a Wildlife Guide at a Highland Field Centre. The two seasons I spent there where just amazing and I learnt so much that it was the pivotal time in my life as a naturalist, plus I fell in love with the Highlands. The wonders of the Scotland's wildlife were revealed to me and I haven't looked back. I should really mention my passion for Dragonflies started then. From watching these beautiful insects and not knowing anything about them, now 19 years later I have learnt a wee bit more and now encourage others to watch and learn more about them. I started off as a birder but then aspired to be an old fashioned naturalist, trying to identify and find out about everything that I see or find. Obviously I am still working at it! I particularly enjoy weaving history, local culture and geology into my guiding to tell the full story of all the amazing wildlife and landscapes we see in the Highlands. I enjoy travelling, with Africa being my favourite continent; I have been fortunate to have spent two, four month periods working in Botswana and later on in Namibia. There is nothing quite like the African sunrise. Over the years I have visited Finland, Germany, Spain, France, Iceland and Latvia and have gained a wider perspective on The Highlands' ecosystems in a European context.

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