Jason Middleton

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Jason Middleton

Jason finds nothing more exciting and uplifting as being immersed in nature and witnessing all that it has to offer. Whilst keen on all wildlife, his particular love of birds blossomed on a school trip to Bempton Cliffs, on the east coast, where the sight and sounds of the various seabirds made a lasting impression on a young lad from landlocked South Yorkshire. Living in Rotherham, the adjacent Peak District has always been a source of pleasure and he has conducted various surveys, walks and events in the area.  

Over the years, Jason’s fascination has naturally branched off into nature photography and latterly, filmography. He enjoys sharing the creative and technical aspects of both disciplines and his work covers a variety of wildlife including birds, reptiles, insects, butterflies and mammals.

Jason has travelled extensively in the UK in pursuit of wildlife encounters; from the Isles of Scilly in the south to as far north as the Scottish Highlands. In addition, he has travelled to numerous destinations over the last twenty years, most notably in Europe, North and Central America and more recently Australia.

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