James Lees

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TL James Lees

James was born in Bath in 1980 and has been a lover of birds and wildlife from a very young age. He has worked with birds and conservation for 13 years. James currently lives in Gloucestershire with his wife and two children. He is Reserve Warden at WWT Slimbridge where he has worked for nine years managing 865 acres of wetland for the benefit of all wetland wildlife. At Slimbridge he leads a variety of walks and talks for the public including Birdwatch Mornings, Advanced and Beginner Birdwatching Courses. Commentated wild winter bird feeds, Land Rover Safaris and Wildlife Photography Tours around the private reserve. He has traveled extensively looking at all kinds of birds and wildlife. His travels have taken him to twenty-four countries in Europe, Kenya, Kazakhstan, California, South Carolina, Mexico, and Canada, where he visits his wife's family annually. He also had the honored position of representing WWT on an expedition to Madagascar looking for the once thought extinct Madagascar Pochard. James loves all aspects of wildlife but specializes in birds and mammals. When he is not away on a foreign trip he is an avid patch watcher on the Severn Estuary.

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