Ed Drewitt

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Ed has been a naturalist for over 30 years with a special interest in birds and marine mammals. He lives in the Forest of Dean alongside Wild Boar, Fallow Deer and Goshawks. He studied Zoology at the University of Bristol and worked for seven years as a museum learning officer at Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives, and then four years on the Bristol Dinosaur Project at the University of Bristol, enabling people to learn more about the city's own dinosaur! Ed is now a full time freelance naturalist, learning consultant and wildlife detective. He leads bird song and bird identification courses, develops high quality resources for learning providers, provides wildlife commentary on boat trips, writes for wildlife magazines and gets involved with bird ringing studies including Peregrines and Goshawks. Ed leads on researching the diet of urban-dwelling Peregrines in the UK and is author of the book 'Urban Peregrines'. Ed has been involved with broadcasting on TV and radio, ranging from appearances on the BBC's One Show, Springwatch and Autumnwatch, Radio 4 Natural History radio, and BBC Radio Bristol. 

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