Dilan Mandana

Mandanna  Dilan

After his master's degree Dilan joined one of the premium lodges at Biligiri Ranganna Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka state in southern India. He worked as a naturalist for three years and then joined the BBC to work as an assistant researcher for their documentary `Mountains of the Monsoon', a Natural World production about the Western Ghats. He also worked as a camera man with the National Geographic Channel for the production of their documentary on King Cobras. Being born and brought up in Coorg in the Western Ghats, Dilan has an extensive knowledge of natural history. He is also a wildlife photographer: his photographs have appeared in various publications and have won many contests. His special expertise is in handling remote camera-traps and in tracking and interpreting wildlife, from mammals and birds to smaller insects and reptiles. His great enthusiasm, cheerful and friendly disposition, together with an exceptional fluency in English has contributed to the success of many holidays. He is ranked as one of the country's leading naturalists and ornithologists, and we are sure you will find him a very pleasant and knowledgeable travelling companion.