Dawn Nelson

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TL Dawn Nelson

Dawn Nelson spent much of her early childhood in Cyprus and Java and has had an interest in plants from an early age - since seeing Anemone coronaria growing wild in the Troodos Mountains. Graduating in Ceramics developed her eye for detail, and she loves sharing her knowledge, having been a teacher before rearing her family and developing four gardens on vastly differing soils. She has lived in the West Sussex countryside all her adult life where she is a freelance horticulturalist and botanist, with a particular emphasis on ecology. For many years she has been an active member of the Botanical Society of the British Isles and the Sussex Botanical Recording Society, leading botanical walks, recording for the New Flora of Sussex and partaking in botanical surveys for Plantlife and the National Trust. She enjoys travelling, especially in the UK and Ireland, searching for new plants and habitats, as well as having a wider interest in birds and other wildlife.

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