Christian Cederroth

TL Christian Cederroth

Christian knew, and followed, his primary calling from a young age. A passionate nature explorer and fanatical birder since he was 8 years old, he progressed to formal studies of biology and geology at Stockholm University. Thereafter, he guided and lead tours in multiple environments - as long as they involved nature, curiosity and challenge! From ski-guiding in the Alps and climbing Mont Blanc in his early twenties, to touring in the Sinai Desert and all the continents (apart from Antarctica) in the following decades. He now resides primarily on the island of Öland, Sweden, by Segerstads fyr lighthouse in the Baltic Sea — one of the prime migration pathways of multiple species (over 300 noted from his garden) and home base for his nature guiding.

Christian’s credentials are extensive; they range from formal to experiential. He has documented sightings of half of the world’s avian species and is fervidly dedicated to ensuring all of his clients maximise their birding and guided nature experience: from slow strolls and identification of flowers, trees, lichen and birds, through to geological stratigraphy, and deep flora and fauna explorations in varying terrains. In his leisure time he is a passionate skier, aficionado of arts, culture and fine beverages.