Chris Barnes

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Chris has been birding for much of his life; over half a century if you take his starting point as joining the Hong Kong Birdwatching Society at the age of 8 years of age. Having trained in medicine in London, he moved to Australia over 30 years ago where he worked as an emergency physician up till last year.

His birding has taken him to all continents but he enjoys birding the tropics most. Whilst not an ardent twitcher, he has preferred to seek out special areas and experiences around the world. Particular areas of interest are waders, seabirds and raptors but who doesn't like birds of paradise and pittas? He has authored a number of articles including 'Breeding Behaviour of the Square-tailed Kite', 'Diet of the Barking Owl in SE Qld', 'Anting in the Grey-headed Robin' and was a co-author of an article on Wilson's Bird of Paradise where he managed to get a photo of a previously undescribed display posture.

Apart from birds, Chris has a general interest in wildlife, photography and travel. His wide range of experience in numerous countries make him a well-rounded guide. He loves nothing better than sharing the spectacular experiences nature provides us with.

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