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After a degree in Spanish, Cathy lived and worked Italy as a teacher then moved to Iceland, where she trained and worked as a professional guide. Following a career in tour operations, setting up and running wildlife holidays, in 1995 she moved to Cairns, Queensland and qualified as a reef and rainforest guide. Cathy has worked as a wildlife tour leader for 18 years, specialising in marine mammals and island wildlife in Madagascar, Australia, Florida, Iceland, Norway, the Azores, Sri Lanka and Dominica. After three autumn seasons working with Killer Whales in Tysfjord and Lofoten, she chose to renew her involvement in Madagascar, which began in 1991, when she first visited WWF projects in Andohahela and Montagne D'Ambre. In 2009 Cathy made her 11th tour of the island, which continues to surprise and enthrall her with the variety and quirkiness of its wildlife. Linguist, travel writer and author of guide books to Iceland and Corsica, she co-runs a wildlife tourism consultancy and divides her time between homes in Cumbria and the French Alps.

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