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Carol was born and raised in Sunderland in England's industrial North-East but considers herself a country girl due to all the time she spent exploring the coastline and countryside, learning about the geology, plants and wildlife. Carol regarded the best aspect of graduating from the University of East Anglia was becoming fluent in French during a year in France, joining the UEA Bird Club, and meeting her future husband Andrew with whom she has travelled and birded for 30 years in almost 100 countries. This has included 6 months N-S in Africa, 6 months around South America, and two complete round-the-world trips. From her first visit to Australia in 1985 Carol fell in love with the scenery, the space and the wildlife, and she and Andrew eventually succeeded in emigrating in 1998. She has travelled extensively in Australia, always armed with binoculars and a spotlight, since seeing her first Sugar Glider. Reaching Julatten in NE Qld she and Andrew finally stopped and were encouraged in 1999 to establish themselves as guides, building a good reputation and relishing the opportunity to show others the amazing variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and plants in the area. Carol is a qualified TEFL teacher, which resulted in two happy years teaching English in Greece. A lifelong love of horses and riding led to her volunteering for 4 years with Riding for the Disabled, and her dedication to conservation has led her to join volunteer bird and mammal surveys, and weeding and planting schemes wherever she has lived in the UK and Australia. Carol's knowledge of the birds and mammals of the Atherton Tablelands, Daintree National Park and Cairns coastal fringe has been enthusiastically acknowledged by her clients, and her caring personality ensures everyone travelling with her receives the attention required to fulfill expectations.

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