Andrew Bray

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Andrew Bray retired from the military where he was working as a project manager for procurement programmes. He is an active member of the Army Ornithological Society and the first recipient of the President's Medal for his promotion of the society in the fields of bird watching and conservation. Andrew has led scientific expeditions to Ascension Island for 12 years; the findings from which have provided a long term database for use by scientific bodies. He has organised many trips to continental Europe and within the UK for Army birdwatchers and has a long North American bird list! His patch is Salisbury Plain, some of which is a restricted area, and he organises bird, butterfly and botany walks across it. He has travelled extensively around the world, and more recently to the Canary Islands, Finland, Iceland, the Sultanate of Oman and Turkey. Andrew enjoys sharing his passion for birding with others.

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