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Alan originates from County Durham but has lived in North Yorkshire for over 50 years where he is a regular around the county's varied birding sites. He retired from the police service in 2003 having served for over 30 years including a 2-year spell as the Force Wildlife Liaison Officer and the last 7 planning, organising and running events. Since then he has been able to concentrate full-time on wildlife, conservation and travelling. Alan considers himself lucky that watching wildlife, especially birding, is a hobby enjoyed by all his family so holidays usually include a wildlife theme. Binoculars are a constant companion and Alan often takes his telescope, a bat detector, a butterfly net and even a moth trap with him. Travelling has taken Alan to a wide variety of destinations including Europe, North America, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Australasia. Alan has been involved in bird survey work for over 20 years and more lately in butterfly and dragonfly surveys He is a member of a number of organisations including the RSPB, BTO and Butterfly Conservation. He is also a founding committee member of his local RSPB Group. Alan especially enjoys seeing birds, animals, insects and other wildlife in their natural environment and tries to incorporate his wide interest in all forms of wildlife into the trips he leads.

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