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Wildlife Holidays Corsica
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Wildlife holidays in Corsica

Tell me about Corsica …

Corsica has a wild, rugged landscape dominated by the huge granitic mountains which soar to nearly 2,740 metres and form a giant spine that runs the length of the island.

The island is refreshingly free of tourists, and well-deserving of its ancient Greek name, Kaliste (the most beautiful).

Corsica is by far the greenest of the Mediterranean islands, and is covered with unspoiled natural forest and maquis.

Our Corsica specialist recommends..

"Corsica is a rugged island famed for its scented wild flowers. With crocuses growing both in the spring and the autumn you can enjoy the botanical highlights twice a year. There are also endemic bird highlights such as the Corsican Nuthatch. "

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

Corsica’s isolation from mainland Europe plus its exceptional topography have caused a high degree of endemism among its flora and fauna. Its plant and birdlife are particularly interesting.

Naturetrek Tours to Corsica

We offer an 8-day holiday of bird watching and botanical walks in the rugged mountains of northern Corsica.

What wildlife might I see?

  • We’ll look for birds such as the endemic Corsican Nuthatch & the endemic races of Citril Finch & Crossbill
  • Among Corsica’s acidic rocks we’ll search for botanical endemics including Corsican Pine, Corsican Hellebore & a wonderful range of orchids
  • Red-footed Falcon, Audouin’s Gull & Moustached Warbler live here
  • The high alpine meadows in late spring are superb

Anything else?

Yes – Corsica offers beautiful scenery, 13th century citadels, a unique cultural blend and much more!


As a group we decided we wanted to reduce time spent in Corte and do an extra walk in the mountains, we switched programme easily to take advantage of the favourable weather.
In the company of very knowledgeable and cheerful leaders and nice participants, it was great being in such beautiful nature and learning an seeing so many plants and birds.
David Morris was brilliant in so many ways. His knowledge extends beyond birds. He was excellent on orchids and butterflies etc which was a real bonus. He was very helpful on the more difficult climbs (eg. carrying my rucksack)! He was able to give very accurate descriptions of walks etc. I found this very reassuring. A very impressive young man and an excellent leader. Even though I'm not a 'birder', I'd happily join another holiday where he was a leader.