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Mammal watching holidays with Naturetrek
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Our range of wildlife holidays offering you the opportunity to see the world’s most sought after mammals can’t be beaten.

Mammal Watching Holidays

Many of the world’s mammals are instantly recognisable to us. Animals such as lions, Tigers, elephants and bears capture our imaginations from childhood. Fulfilling what is for many people a lifelong dream of seeing their ‘wish list’ species in the wild is something we take great pleasure and pride in doing.

Our mammal specialist recommends …

I would recommend Chiles Blue Whales & Pumas for combining stunning scenery and wildlife. Closer to home, short breaks to Spain in search of Wolves and Iberian Lynx are hard to beat. For those seeking adventure, Africa holds many possibilities, including a chance to watch Mountain Gorillas. And India, along with Tigers, has a superb variety of mammals. - Paul Stanbury


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Jabiru (Gerald Broddelez)Vulture on dead Caiman (Gerald Broddelez)Vermillion Flycatcher (Steve Wray)Hyacinth Macaw (Steve Wray)Leopard Portrait (Paul Goldstein)Female Kudu (Paul Stanbury)Pied Kingfisher (Paul Stanbury)Hyena with Bone (Paul Stanbury)Iberian wolf (Thomas Mills)View of the hills (Ed Drewitt)Red Kite (Ed Drewitt)A traditional corrala (Ed Drewitt)Tiger (Michael Haley)Rhesus Monkeys (Michael Haley)Rhesus Monkeys (Michael Haley)Rhesus Monkey (Michael Haley)Verreaux's Sifaka (Cathy Harlow)Red-fronted Brown Lemur & baby (Ed Drewitt)

Naturetrek mammal watching tours

Why choose a Naturetrek mammal watching tour?

Many of Naturetrek’s tours have a primary focus on mammals and we offer the widest choices of mammal watching holidays across the globe, from the Arctic to the tropics.

Our holidays are guided by at least one professional naturalist tour leader. Our groups usually also benefit from additional guiding by expert local naturalist guides.

On most of our holidays we take a wider wildlife interest beyond just mammals.

We have holidays to see an incredible range of the world’s mammals, such as Orang Utans, lemurs, bats, polar mammals, big & small cats, and mammals of the African savannah or the rainforest.

Here’s a selection of our mammal tours:

  • India’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve 
  • A cruise to Spitsbergen in search of Polar Bears 
  • A chance to see the ‘big five’ and much more in South Africa’s Kruger National Park 
  • Finland offers a chance to have close-up views of Brown Bears 
  • Enjoy Kenya’s Masai Mara mammals, while staying in luxury camps

Bargain mammal selection

We offer a range of action-packed bargain holidays for the dedicated mammal enthusiast, which are exceptional value for money, from Belize to Zambia.


Marcos proved to be an excellent leader, combining friendliness with efficiency from the initial meet at Cuiaba airport. He gave everything possible to make the trip thoroughly informative about the natural history of the Pantanal - the plants, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, supported by short talks (around lunch) with overheads. He kept us busy with the night-spotting, daytime walks, drives and boat trips. In essence he could have not done more. We were all offered adaptors to help solve certain problems some had charging batteries etc! He was energetic and tireless in pursuit of our wildlife objectives. He was a real asset to Naturetrek. The wildlife species seen, that were depicted in the Naturetrek documents, fully met expectations. Five different Jaguars (all male) were seen. Brief views also included Giant Anteater and Tapir with many smaller mammals, with longer views of nine Banded Armadillo, Capuchin and Giant Otters. No other cat species were seen but for me good views of lizards and a yellow anaconda made up for this. My photo of a Mole Cricket did, however, leave most (not our leader) unphased! The birds were spectacular. The tour was a photographer's dream.

Just Tigers!

Everything from the pre-departure information to the tour itself was perfect. I had heard great things about Naturetrek from other travellers prior to booking and you certainly lived up to my high expectations. The tiger safari with Naturetrek offered me the most rewarding wildlife encounters I have ever had. To sum it up - I'm very happy with my Just Tigers! trip with Naturetrek!
This was immensely rewarding in terms of the richness and diversity of wildlife seen. Certainly one of the most fulfilling we have ever done. We cannot praise your leader, Andy Smith, too highly, he was caring, equitable and knowledgeable. An excellent trip, hugely enjoyed.