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Lynx Watching Holidays with Naturetrek
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We offer a selection of professionally organised, lynx watching holidays, offering chances to witness these elusive animals.

Naturetrek Lynx Holidays

The Iberian Lynx is critically endangered and is the world’s rarest species of cat. With inside knowledge of the best sites – indeed the two last refuges of this beautiful mammal – we are pleased to offer a short tour to look for Iberian Lynx in Spain, which has had a very good sightings record so far!

Romania and Poland are two of the last countries in Europe to contain large tracts of habitat suitable for sustaining wild populations of Eurasian Lynx. We visit an area in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains where researchers are actively studying Eurasian Lynx and we go to look for lynx within their home ranges. Walking among unspoilt mountain scenery, sitting in forests waiting for Eurasian Lynx or other wildlife to appear, then descending by moonlight offers a magical and adventurous experience.

Our Lynx specialist recommends …

Andy Tucker (Naturetrek’s general manager) suggests the following: ‘Our 6-day ‘Spain – Realm of the Iberian Lynx’ holiday has had great success in finding lynx – one recent group watched a mother and cub for more than 45 minutes and managed to get some excellent video footage, too!

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Why book a Naturetrek Lynx watching tour?

Naturetrek offers a short 2-centre tour in Spain dedicated to looking for the Iberian Lynx, as well as a holiday in Romania which combines Bear and Beaver watching with tracking Eurasian Lynx.

Our ‘Poland in Winter’ holiday, offers a possibility of encountering lynx as the forests we visit there provide one of the species’ last refuges in Europe.

We offer:

  • Dedicated Iberian Lynx holidays with very good success record
  • Adults & cubs seen on recent Iberian Lynx tours in Spain
  • Look for Iberian Lynx in the Sierra Morena & Coto Donana
  • Chance of Eurasian Lynx on ‘Poland in Winter’ tour


The trip was a massive success even though we didn't see a Lynx. We saw pug marks and other wildlife. Both guides went beyond the call of duty to give us the best chance of seeing the elusive Iberian Lynx. Both Byron's and Julian's knowledge was very up to date. They tried everything and always remained positive and bright day in day out. If all the Naturetrek guides are like these two it's no wonder all the positive reports i've heard about Naturetrek are true. Well done guys, keep up the good work.
The local guides were excellent and enthusiastic, and very flexible, changed the itinerary to suit the weather, and even squeezed in a bonus visit on the last morning to try and see the Lynx again for those of us that missed it. Their vans were very comfortable.
Byron was a first rate leader, and was particularly good at sorting out vegetarian options, which isn't always easy in Spain. His effort in finding the lynx, and in adjusting our plans when the second days' visit to Donana had to be cancelled due to flooding, couldn't be faulted.