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Wildlife holidays in Spitsbergen

Tell me about Spitsbergen …

Spitsbergen is a dramatic island of huge glaciers, snow-covered mountains and steep-sided fjords, separated from the North Pole by just 965km of frozen ocean.

During the brief Arctic summer Spitsbergen is transformed into a land of perpetual daylight, covered by flower-filled tundra grazed by herds of Reindeer.

Our Spitsbergen specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Spitsbergen Wildlife Cruise’ is a once in a lifetime expedition to the high Arctic where we go in search of breeding seabirds, Polar Bears, Walrus and enjoy spectacular scenery. We charter our own vessel so we guarantee that the focus of the cruise will be on the wildlife."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager


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What’s special about the wildlife?

Towering sea-cliffs crowded with millions of seabirds on land, Polar Bears and Walruses on the pack-ice, seals, puffins, guillemots and much more … Spitsbergen is a truly spectacular wildlife destination.

Naturetrek Tour to Spitsbergen

We offer an 11-day wildlife expedition to the high Arctic, including a 10-day voyage around the island of Spitsbergen in search of breeding seabirds, Polar Bears, Walrus and spectacular scenery.

What might I see?

  • Ivory Gulls, Grey Phalarope, Long-tailed Squa, Red-throated Diver, Arctic Terns, Little Auks, Black & Brunnich’s Guillemots, Snow Buntings, King Eider, Long-tailed Duck, three species of geese & much more
  • Mammals such as Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Walrus & Beluga Whales, plus Bearded, Harp & Ringed Seals
  • Stunning scenery, a wide variety of arctic flora, glass-like fjords backed by huge glaciers such as the Monaco & Hamilton Glaciers …


Just wanted to say many thanks to Jim Andrews for an enjoyable 'Day With Dormice'. Great enthusiasm and knowledge.
The trip was a wonderful experience, which exceeded my expectations in all its aspects - the scenery, the wildlife, the ship, the food - everything. All the naturalists/leaders/guides, both Naturetrek and local, were friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The ship's captain and crew and the catering/cabin staff were tremendous. They adapted and responded wonderfully to the constantly changing conditions and we were able to enjoy some fantastic wildlife viewing whilst cruising through magnificent scenery. The ship itself was perfectly suited to the expedition with the restaurant/viewing area allowing everyone to relax and watch the outside world in comfort. An enormous thank you to all concerned.
Wonderful holiday enjoyed birdlife, scenery and food.