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Wildlife holidays in the Falkland Islands with Naturetrek
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Falkland Islands

Wildlife holidays in the Falkland Islands.

What’s special about the Falkland Islands?

Lying some 450 kilometres from the coast of South America, amid the rich fishing grounds of the South Atlantic, the islands are inhabited by huge numbers of seabirds during the breeding season which extends from October to March.

The spectacle of these great assemblies of penguins, albatrosses, cormorants and terns is reason enough to visit the Falklands but the islands are so much more than just a haven for seabirds.

The scenery is often reminiscent of the Scottish islands, but there are many unique aspects to life in the Falklands and visitors are constantly charmed by this blend of familiar and unfamiliar.

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Our Falkland Island specialist recommends...

"‘The Falkland Islands’ tour has a fantastic combination for both the birder and the more general wildlife enthusiast with superb bird and marine mammal highlights."

Dan Free
Operations Manager

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In many ways the islands are essentially British in character but the South Atlantic exerts its own influences and the sight of huge Elephant Seals hauled out on sandy beaches, or Giant Petrels gliding along the Stanley shoreline, remind us that Europe is thousands of kilometres away and that the wildlife has more affinities with Antarctica!

Formerly the remoteness of the islands made them extremely difficult to visit but the construction of Mount Pleasant airfield, combined with the provision of comfortable tourist accommodation on a number of islands, has made the Falklands accessible to an ever-increasing number of travellers wishing to enjoy the remarkable natural history and fascinating way of life in this very special archipelago.

Naturetrek tour to the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands provide one of the most unusual and enjoyable destinations in the Naturetrek programme. Our wildlife holiday to the Falkland Islands focuses on the birds and marine mammals of this very special archipelago.


It is obvious that this is a small company because there is the personal touch at each stage.
Thank you for the marvellous trip to the Falklands. The expectations were very high, the realisation excelled them. Will was the perfect guide. Thanks again.

B. & D P.
The Falkland Islands

This trip more than lived up to our expectations! The bird & marine mammal life were exceptional; the hotels/lodges were splendid and each offered some superb food...the flights...were well organised...our travelling companions provided good company...We would certainly recommend the trip to any potential penguin/albatross/seal lovers!