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Wildlife holidays in Switzerland

Tell me about Switzerland …

Although Switzerland covers an area of only 41,000 square kilometres, it has a great wealth and diversity of landscapes and cultures.

Bordered to the north by Germany, the south by Italy, the east by Austria and the west by France, the Swiss countryside is home to the highest mountains in Europe, spectacular waterfalls and numerous lakes set within flower-filled Alpine meadows.

The Swiss people also display a character and way of life all of their own. Each of the surrounding four countries has, over time, influenced and shaped the adjacent Swiss population, creating the series of overlapping cultures which typify Switzerland. This is especially true in the heart of the Alps where the French, German, Italian and Romanish cultures meet. 

Our Switzerland specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Wengen – Alpine Flowers of the Swiss Alps’ tour is an 8-day appreciation of the wonderful alpine flora, birds and butterlies of the Bernese Oberland. We are based in the idyllic village of Wengen, in this spectacular landscape, throughout the holiday."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

Switzerland is home to a wonderful variety of alpine flora. It also has a rich butterfly and bird fauna.

Naturetrek tours to Switzerland

Naturetrek offers a selection of wildlife holidays in Switzerland, including alpine flora, birds and butterflies of the Bernese Oberland, and a summer tour focusing on the flowers and glorious scenery of the Upper Engadine Valley.

What might I see?

  • High alpine pastures around the Mannlichen including species such as Alpenrose & Globeflower, plus an array of orchids, gentians, saxifrages & violets
  • The legendary Schynige Platte where we search for St Bruno’s Lily, Black Vanilla Orchid & many other exciting species
  • We’ll look for King of the Alps, sheets of Primula integrifolia & Soldanella pusilla among many other species on the wet turf beneath the glacier around Murtel
  • A chance to see Alpine Marmots, Ibex & Red Squirrels as well as birds such as Crossbill


The main factor making these two tours exceptionally enjoyable was our tour leader, David Tattersfield. His knowledge of plants is prodigious and his patience extraordinary (if one kept forgetting the name of a flower for example). He worked tirelessly from morning till late evening doing everything possible to make the tours successful e.g. Working out timetables, shopping very early to provide us with excellent and varied picnics, giving us enough slack where people wanted to do bits on their own but always on the alert to advise and safeguard. David was enormous fun to be with and exceptionally good at the job.
Once again I can't praise David Tattersfield too highly. I believe this was the 20th week that he had led the same walks in Wengen and his enthusiasm and interest in the plants and the area is just as keen and fresh as it must have been on the first week - perhaps more so as his knowledge and love of the place has increased. The way in which he wants to share his knowledge and enthusiasm is wonderful - as well as being a first class botanist he is an excellent communicator. Four of us had previously been on Naturetrek holidays led by David and many more intend to go with him in the future.
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this trip; the best I have been on with Naturetrek.