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Wildlife holidays in Estonia with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Estonia

Tell me about Estonia …

Estonia is the smallest and least populous of the three Baltic States which achieved independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.

A magnificent indented coastline, studded with small islands, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland to the west and north, while Latvia and the Russian Federation comprise Estonia’s neighbours to the south and east respectively.

It is a land of great natural beauty, with a varied landscape which includes over 7,000 rivers, 1,500 lakes and substantial areas of forest and marsh. An admirable 10% of the country is afforded protection within nature reserves that vary in size from the large national parks to the smaller, locally protected, reserves.

Our Estonia specialist recommends...

"I would recommend our ‘Estonia in Early Spring’ tour exploring the pristine forest and coastal habitats in search of owls, woodpeckers, grouse and large gatherings of Steller’s Eider ducks."

Dan Free
Operations Manager

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Whats special about the wildlife?

Estonia is still comparatively little known as a wildlife destination. However, it has a very impressive avifauna which matches that of any country in northern Europe.

With over 200 regular breeding bird species, and a huge volume of Arctic-bound migrant birds passing through the country, it is sure to occupy a higher profile in future years.

Its flora is among the most spectacular in northern Europe. In particular, strong influences in the countrys floral make-up come from both Siberia and also the warmer regions of southern Europe, with many plant species reaching their respective western or northern extremities of range within Estonia.

Naturetrek tours to Estonia

Naturetreks natural history tours to Estonia include bird watching and botanical holidays. They focus on the spectacular migration, breeding birds and wild flowers, particularly orchids, of this Baltic country.


Mati’s local knowledge helped locate the wildlife I hoped to see. The work he has done was inspiring. The accommodation in Roosta was excellent and I would love to return there. I have travelled with David previously and it was a pleasure to do so again. He managed to enthuse me about things (flowers) that have not interested me as much as previously. He is also very good at pointing out anything of interest with quick direction. The knowledge of both guides was excellent and their enthusiasm contagious. Both resorts were very good and after long days, in sometimes very poor weather, they were a pleasure to return to. The various places we stopped for lunch offered a good insight into Estonian living and culture and the tour of Tallinn on the final day was very interesting.

West Midlands
Estonia in Spring

I really enjoyed Gerald's company - a very good birder.
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The Altmõisa Guesthouse was extremely pleasant. Really enjoyed the lunch and evening meals, especially the hot lunches and the evening out in Tartu.