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West Greenland - Bowheads & Icebergs!

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A 10-day wildlife holiday, including a 7-night cruise around Disko Bay, in search of arctic mammals (such as the rare Bowhead Whale), birds and other wildlife, plus huge icebergs and spectacular West Greenland scenery.

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The huge ice-covered island of Greenland is breathtakingly beautiful and this 10-day holiday, which includes a 7-night cruise, heads straight to arguably the most scenic area of the whole country, Disko Bay. Based on board the 56-metre SV Rembrandt van Rijn we will search for whales, seals and Arctic birds amidst some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. While the land offers refuge to such wildlife as Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl, it is the underwater environment which offers most for the keen naturalist. Disko Bay’s cold, nutrient-rich waters coupled with its proximity to the ice-edge attract a wide variety of some of the Arctic’s most exciting species, including the rare Bowhead Whale and such birds as King Eider and Red-necked Phalarope. After a week spent exploring this iceberg-dotted coastline under wide pale blue skies, we fly to Copenhagen and then home.

  • Look for rare Bowhead Whales off Disko Island
  • Join the 33-berth sailing schooner SV Rembrandt van Rijn
  • Spectacular Greenland scenery
  • Sail amongst huge icebergs of a myriad shapes & sizes
  • Humpback & Fin Whales also possible
  • Look for Harp & Ringed Seals, plus Arctic Fox
  • Visit remote Greenland communities where huskies outnumber the people
  • Cruise along the breathtaking Ilulissat Icefjord, a World Heritage Site
  • Birds including Lapland Bunting, King Eider, Iceland Gull, Long-tailed Skua & Brünnich's Guillemot


All included in the price, except for lunches and dinners in Copenhagen and Aasiaat. Allow £90


For this cruise we will join the 33-berth SV Rembrandt van Rijn, a 56-metre (168-foot) sailing schooner. She features 16 comfortable twin cabins (most with private facilities), a spacious dining room, and plenty of deck space for wildlife-viewing. Twin-bedded private inside cabins (no porthole) are included in the tour cost; outside cabins with portholes are available at an extra cost of £295 per person. In Copenhagen we use a comfortable airport hotel with private facilities.

Iceberg (Paul Stanbury)

Iceberg (Paul Stanbury)

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 Fly Copenhagen and overnight.

Day 2 Fly Aasiaat; embark SV Rembrandt van Rijn and begin cruise.

Day 3/8 Disko Bay crusie.

Day 9 Disembark SV Rembrandt van Rijn and fly Copenhagen

Day 10 Fly London.

SV Rembrandt van Rijn

There are few superlatives in the English language to fully describe the breathtaking beauty of Greenland. This huge ice-covered island is edged with jagged mountains — the highest in the Arctic — and deep valleys down which the largest glaciers in the northern hemisphere slowly flow. As they reach Greenland’s intricate coastline, towering cliffs of ice calve into giant icebergs which dot the numerous fjords and bays — the deep blues of centuries-old ice contrasting with the clean white snow on the mountains and the dark rocky tundra at their feet. This spectacular landscape is home to an exciting variety of polar wildlife such as Arctic Fox, Long-tailed Skua, Purple Sandpiper, Red-necked Phalarope and King Eider. It is the underwater world, however, that draws naturalists and scientists to Disko Bay in western Greenland, for each Arctic spring this dramatic iceberg-dotted coastline not only becomes a temporary home for large numbers of Humpback Whales, but the bay’s cold nutrient-rich waters, coupled with its proximity to the ice-edge, attracts one of the animal kingdom’s true polar enigmas, the rare Bowhead Whale!

Much of Greenland is inaccessible by land, so the best way to explore this Arctic island is from the water. For this exciting wildlife and scenery cruise we will be joining the SV Rembrandt van Rijn an attractive 34-berth sailing schooner built in 1924 and fully refitted in 2011. From this comfortable floating base we will explore the fjords, inlets and islands around Disko Bay, spending time in particular to the south of Disko Island in search of Bowheads and other cetaceans. The holiday begins, however, with a flight to Copenhagen in Denmark where we spend one night. From here we fly over the spectacular coastal mountains and inland icecap of Greenland before landing at Aasiaat in west Greenland. Aasiaat sits on the shores of Disko Bay and is the departure point for our 7-night cruise.

We will keep the exact itinerary of our cruise flexible, in order to take into account the ice conditions, recent wildlife sightings, and the advice of the captain and expedition crew. Before heading out towards Disko Island and the ice, however, we will take the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that abounds in western Greenland. We will cruise amongst towering deep blue icebergs sculpted into an inexhaustible variety of shapes and sizes by wind, water and ice. We will also visit the source of these 'bergs' as we cruise towards the vast ice wall of the Equip Sermia Glacier and, subject to ice conditions, pick our way through the myriad of broken ('brash') ice that fills the Jakobshavn Icefjord, a World Heritage Site. Bearded and Ringed Seals are often seen resting on the smaller floes, whilst birds to look out for include Common Eider, Glaucous Gull, Arctic Tern and perhaps even a passing white-phase Gyr Falcon.

Next we will head out into the iceberg-dotted waters of Disko Island, in search of the mammalian highlight of the holiday, the rare Bowhead Whale, focusing our attention on the seas immediately south of Disko Island, a favoured feeding area. The first Bowheads arrive in Disko Bay in late February and they stay until June when they head further north as they follow the retreating ice towards Baffin Bay and beyond. Whilst nothing is certain in the world of wildlife-watching, we stand a very good chance of locating one or more of these rare creatures and, once found, their slow-moving nature and tendency to feed near the water's surface make them fairly easy to observe. Sadly, these sluggish habits also made Bowheads an easy target for the early whalers. It has recently been discovered that Bowheads are one of the longest living animals — a harpoon head dating from 1885 having been removed from an adult Alaskan Bowhead in 2007 proving that the animal was at least 130 years old. Indeed, it is now widely accepted that these amazing creatures may live for as long as 200 years!

We will also take time to enjoy landings on Disko Island and some of the small offshore islands such as Hunde Ejland and Kronprinsen’s Ejland where Long-tailed Skuas, Snow Buntings, Greenland Wheatears, Greenland White-fronted Geese and twirling Red-necked Phalaropes all breed.

Finally we must make our way back, past the icebergs, to Aasiaat. There we board our flight back to Denmark and, after a final night in Copenhagen, we head home.

Tundra Lake, Nr Aasiaat, West Greenland (Tim Melling)Ptarmigan male, Disko Island (Tim Melling)Ptarmigan female, Disko Island (Tim Melling)Iceberg, Greenland (Paul Stanbury)Bowhead Whale fluke, West Greenland (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whales, Disko Bay (Tim Melling)Minke Whale (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whale surfacing (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whale tail fluking (Tim Melling)Fulmar (Tim Melling)Mother of Pearl Clouds with a fog bank below, Disko Bay, Greenland (Tim Melling)Male Snow Bunting (Tim Melling)Lapland Bunting (Tim Melling)Iceland Gull (Tim Melling)Greenland Seascape (Tim Melling)Greenland Wheatears (Tim Melling)Greenland Redpoll (Tim Melling)Misty Sunlight, Greenland (Tim Melling)Godshavn, Greenland (Tim Melling)Lapland Rosebay, <i>Rhododendron lapponicum</i> (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whales (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whale blowing (Tim Melling)Bowhead Whale diving, Disko Bay (Tim Melling)Iceberg, Greenland (Tim Melling)Arctic Willow, <i>Salix arctica</i>, Greenland (Tim Melling)Woolly Lousewort, <i>Pedicularis dasyantha</i>, Disko Island,  Greenland (Tim Melling)Bowheads at midnight (Tim Melling)Early morning sun, West Greenland (Tim Melling)

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