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Wildlife holidays in Panama with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Panama

Tell me about Panama …

Panama forms the narrowest part of the Mesoamerican Isthmus, which is not only of huge historical importance linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by rail and canal, but also of considerable biogeographical importance as the land bridge between North and South America.

It is the southernmost country of Central America. It has a tropical climate and inland its most dominant feature is its central spine of mountains.

The customs, language and culture of the Panamanians are mainly Caribbean and Spanish. Many of the country’s musical and artistic traditions reflect a blending of Native American, African and European cultures. It has one unique art form, ‘molas’ – attractive and fascinating embroidered panels made by the Kuna tribe.

Our Panama specialist recommends...

"I recommend our ‘Panama – Canopy Tower’ for the best of the birding opportunities in the rainforests of Soberania National Park. We stay in the canopy tower, in the centre of the forest and all of the birding is done directly from the Canopy Tower."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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What’s special about its wildlife?

Panama offers some of the best bird watching in Central America. It is home to nearly one thousand bird species in an area covering just 80,000 square kilometres! Many South American as well as North American species are found here.

It has prime locations at which to witness spectacular spring and autumn bird migrations. Panama also contains large tracts of avian-rich tropical rainforest, of which the Soberania National Park extends right down to the suburbs of Panama City and the famous Panama Canal.

Panama is home to over 200 species of mammal – from sloths and anteaters to tapirs and Kinkajous.

Naturetrek tours to Panama

Naturetrek offers two wildlife holidays to Panama: a bargain bird watching holiday and a bargain mammal tour. These are both based in the rainforests of Soberania National Park and the famous Canopy Tower, where the main observation deck offers superb 360° views over the canopy and a chance to see otherwise elusive species.

What wildlife might I see?

  • Superb Neotropical bird watching including trogons, motmots, jacamars, puffbirds, manakins, antbirds & tanagers
  • Mammals such as Mantled Howler Monkey, Nine-banded Long-nosed Armadillo, White-nosed Coati, grisons, soledons & bats that make tents!


West Yorkshire
Panama - Canopy Tower

The staff at Canopy Tower and Lodge were very helpful, and the guides at both places very skilled. For me the highlight of the trip was a clear and close sighting of a Pheasant Cuckoo - a very difficult bird not often seen.
The trip was excellent - 245 bird species, 10 mammals and 11 reptiles. This was principally down to our guide Alex (Alexis) who was superb. He is an excellent birder - sightings, sounds and general identification. He combined these exceptional skills with a gentle and very pleasant character and took care to be inclusive of all the group members. The Canopy Tower is comfortable and clean, the food was superb and the birding from the tower was excellent. We were provided with tea, coffee and nibbles at 6am on the balcony and watched as the sun rose, before breakfast at 7.30am.
The Canopy Tower is a marvellous place to stay, we were woken in the morning to the wonderful sounds of the rainforest, Howler Monkeys, insects, birds, frogs. The first Sloth I saw in my life, was from one of the dining-room windows, just outside, in a tree, almost within reach! It was fantastic. One of many trips out was to see the Panama Canal, an amazing sight. We went on a motor-boat passing all different sorts of boats & huge ships with a lot of people waving to each other. The Panama information centre was very informative about its history. Jose Soto, our leader, was very good, kind and very knowledgeable with both birds & animals.