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Wildlife holidays in Gambia with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Gambia

Tell me about Gambia …

Gambia offers a combination of superlative bird watching with a warm sunny climate, making it an ideal holiday destination.

Increasing numbers of European bird watchers are taking advantage of Gambia’s unique accessibility.

With much of West Africa either in political turmoil or very expensive to visit, the tiny West African Republic of The Gambia remains an astonishing bargain for travellers and it has a friendly, easygoing atmosphere.

It’s a country worth exploring – there are many examples of fascinating African culture in the rural heart of the country, where the latest European fashions and music have little part to play in the daily life of the villages.

Our Gambia specialist recommends...

Our ‘Gambia’ tour is a birdwatching holiday taking in the colourful birdlife of West Africa. We explore the Gambia River staying at conveniently located camps with highlight species such as the Egyptian Plover.

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2012 Birdwatching in the GambiaBirdwatching near Faracuta Forest by Ed DrewittVillage Weaver by Ed DrewittLittle Beeater by Ed DrewittHooded Vulture by Ed DrewittVillage Weaver with nest by Ed DrewittMamadou introducing Faracuta Forest by Ed DrewittMamadou calling for birdsWhite Pelicans by Ed DrewittHabitat for European migrants and the local birdlife too by Ed DrewittVariable Sunbird by Ed DrewittBirdwatching whilst daily life continues by Ed DrewittTermite mound by Ed DrewittA trail of army ants by Ed DrewittRiver Gambia by Ed DrewittHippo by Ed Drewitt

What’s special about its wildlife?

In a nutshell, its birds! Gambia is widely recognised as an ideal country to get an introduction to the diverse & colourful bird life of the African continent

Naturetrek Tour to Gambia

We offer a 12-day bird watching holiday to Gambia visiting a number of prime birding locations along the Gambia River.

What birds might I see?

  • The range of potential species includes huge Goliath Herons, Pink-backed Pelicans & other waterbirds
  • A splendid variety of raptors
  • Red-throated & Carmine Bee-Eaters
  • One of the highlights of any Gambia tour is a chance to see the handsome Egyptian Plover



Loved it, I’ll be back for more!! The guides worked extremely hard for us all and very much made the tour in my opinion. This was a deliberate chill out decision on my part that Naturetrek made perfect.

West Sussex

Cliff Waller is a superb tour leader. Very knowledgeable and excellent at dealing with problems. I really enjoyed Cliff’s company and hope to travel with him again sometime. A real asset to Naturetrek.


In all respects, the holiday was excellent, and I would like to particularly mention the excellent leadership provided by Chris and Sering.