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Wildlife Holidays in Ethiopia
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Wildlife Holidays in Ethiopia

Ethiopia combines some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and a long and fascinating history, with outstanding wildlife.

Many people believe Ethiopia to be the earliest home to man. Historians have proclaimed it to be the legendary kingdom of Prester John, and suggest a dynasty originating in the country from Queen Sheba, concluding with the Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974.

It is a land of mixed race and mixed religion, of countless tribes and even more languages. It is filled with donkeys, cattle, and an elegant people ... plus the finest of Africa’s mountain scenery.
Ethiopia has been a melting pot since Christ for ideas from the East, West and Africa.

Our Ethiopia Specialist recommends

"If you want to experience an exciting wildlife destination in Africa but something a little different from the typical African Safari, then Ethiopia is a fantastic destination! Our ‘The Best of Ethiopia’ tour focuses on the vaired and spectacular landscapes of Ethiopia, as well as the country’s varied wildlife. Superb for both mammal and bird lovers, Ethiopia is the ideal ‘all round’ destination."

Kerrie Porteous, Operations Manager

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What’s special about its wildlife?

  • Its wildlife, particularly its avifauna, is outstanding.
  • Over 830 birds have been recorded of which 29 are endemics
  • 80 species of larger mammals survive of which seven are endemic

Naturetrek tours to Ethiopia

Naturetrek offers a range of wildlife tours in Ethiopia focusing on the country’s varied and spectacular landscapes, its rich history, plus its abundant bird life and mammals. We also offer a choice of bargain mammal & bargain bird tours for those on a budget.

Some highlights include:

  • Trekking in the Simien Mountains
  • Following the Great Rift Valley south to the lush forested hills of Wondo Guenet

What wildlife might I see?

  • We hope to see nearly half of Ethiopia’s 29 endemic bird species
  • The endemic Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck & Giant Molerat
  • Fish Eagles & waterbirds of Lake Awassa & Lake Abiata
  • A visit to the beautiful Bale Mountains in search of Ethiopian Wolves
  • The country’s rich flora including Giant Lobelias


Under Abiy's expert guidance the birding proved to be as varied and interesting as the landscape.
This was a huge trip which packed in a vast amount of sights and experiences. Hard to believe we did so much in less than three weeks. It seemed like we were there for three months! The guides worked really hard and delivered an itinerary that worked like clockwork even with our extra demands as we went. It was good not to be confined to the vehicle all day. Highlights were many, but seeing two male Wallia Ibex fighting and sitting near the edge of a cliff surrounding by hundreds of Gelada in the fading light were particularly special.

The Best of Ethiopia

An excellent mix. Scenery, birds, mammals and a bit of culture. I think the itinerary is a good as it can be given that there is so much to fit in and the distances to to be travelled. Can't fault Marcus and Abiy. The leaders can make or break a holiday and this was certainly a case of making it. My favourite moment of the whole trip was on the 23rd October in the Simiens, I think by Sankaber Camp although I need to check that, when Abiy spotted a Serval on the hillside, which was completely unexpected! He said it was the first time he had seen one there. I can't describe how exciting the moment was, especially as for a brief few seconds, before he got the scope on it, Abiy thought it could have been a Leopard!