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Wildlife holidays in Cyprus with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Cyprus

Tell me about Cyprus …

The Republic of Cyprus is a rugged, sun-drenched island at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe.

It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Until independence in 1960, Cyprus was under British administration. The Republic of Cyprus is now divided into two parts, with the northern region occupied by Turkey.

The Troodos Mountains cover the south and central areas of the island, while the narrow Kyrenia range runs along the northern coastline. It has a gentle Mediterranean climate and in early spring, while Western Europe endures late winter gloom, Cyprus enjoys clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

Our Cyprus specialist recommends...

"I recommend ‘The Island of Cyprus’ tour to enjoy the warmth of spring whilst we search for migrating birds, wonderful orchids and other flowering plants on the Isle of Aphrodite."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

North Cyprus is renowned in the botanical world for its astonishing variety of flora.
Over 300 species of bird have been recorded in Cyprus, and its bird migration can be particularly spectacular when numerous species pass through, including such rarities as Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Caspian Plover and White-breasted Kingfisher.

Naturetrek tours to Cyprus

Naturetrek offers two wildlife holidays to Cyprus focusing on the birds, flowers and culture.

What might I see?

  • Hillsides cloaked in cheerful anemones, asphodels & marigolds
  • Up to 30 species of orchid including the stunning endemic Cyprus Bee Orchid
  • Birds & flowers of the maquis & mountains
  • Glittering turquoise waters, sun-bleached rocks & characterful tavernas



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Spring in North Cyprus

Leaders were friendly, expert and professional, made sure everyone saw as much as they wanted to, and stayed happy. They worked very hard to achieve this. Great to have information (and visits) on historical sites and the history of the island and its culture.


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Spring in North Cyprus

Trip leaders: both outstandingly helpful, patient and skilled in their profession. They made the holiday.
The flora was novel to me and was extremely varied. The plant leader was very knowledgeable and demonstrated the finer distinction very ably. Both contributed to presentation of Amphibia, reptiles and insects.
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