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Wildlife Holidays and Colombia

Tell me about Colombia …

Colombia is situated in the north-west of South America and is bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Colonised by the Spanish in 1499, it achieved independence in 1819 but then suffered many decades of strife, both politically and socially. It has now emerged as a stable democracy and has been given the seal of approval by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a safe tourist destination.

Colombia boasts a staggering 1,900 bird species — an extraordinary number in part due to its variety of habitats, and it has the most biodiverse avifauna in the world. Dominated by the Andes, much of Colombia is mountainous; it also has Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, Amazon rainforest and Llanos (plains). Though it lies in the tropics, Colombia’s wide altitudinal range creates complex climatic variation.


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Our Colombia Specialist recommends..

‘In short, Colombia is a birder’s dream destination! With 18% of the world’s bird species, in a relatively small area, our two tours to Colombia are designed to run seamlessly back-to-back and will take you to very different habitats within the country. Our Multicoloured Tanager tour focuses on the south-west and Cauca Valley. The Santa Marta Endemics tour focuses on the endemic-rich Santa Marta Mountains and is partly based at the wonderful El Dorado Lodge. Colombia is beautiful and safe, with outstanding birding and hospitality. Do join us for the birding experience of a lifetime!’

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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I was very pleased with our two Colombian leaders who almost universally kept tight control of the timing of our quite complicated itinerary. They looked after us well, provided excellent leadership on our birding stops and helped those (like me) who struggled to find birds in challenging conditions on jungle stops. They were also interesting to talk to about their country I was also very impressed by the quality of the local guides we used at some locations. The first morning and the trip to the Cali Country Club was a wonderful start to the trip after the overnight flight and brought home to me just what a very civilised South American country this was despite their awful troubles with the 50+ year Civil War. It was a very diverse itinerary and the birding environment was very impressive. I particularly liked the hummingbird gardens at Finca Alejandria, Cali, and Hotel Termales Del Ruiz, Manizales. The time in Manizlaes was the highlight of the tour and especially the day spent at the stunning Rio Blanco Reserve.
Andrea was an exemplary trip leader. Highly organised and attentive; a very good birder; and with excellent skills in dealing with people. It was a great tour and a good group: everyone keen, engaged and working hard to find stuff.
A very enjoyable tour with superb birds, a good itinerary which worked well with no real problems, good guides, and excellent company in the participants. The group gelled well, very important to making a successful and enjoyable trip. Scenery was fantastic, especially the trip up to Nevado del Ruiz.