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Wildlife holidays in Argentina with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Argentina

Tell me about Argentina …

Argentina is a vast country – the second largest in South America – embracing such a variety of scenery and climate that it has been dubbed the ‘land of six continents’.

There are four major regions: the fertile and humid central plains of the Pampas, southern plateau, the subtropical Gran Chaco in the north, and the rugged Andes mountain range which extends the length of the country, rising to over 6,900 metres before cascading to the sea in a chaos of jagged, snow-capped peaks.

The generally temperate climate ranges from subtropical in the north to subpolar in the far south.

Our Argentina Specialist recommends..

"Why not try our innovative ‘Bargain Birdwatching tour’ to ‘Argentina - The Andes’ and enjoy the spectacular scenery. You could also join us on our ‘Argentine Patagonia’ tour with highlights such as the Andean Condor, Magellanic Woodpecker & Magellanic Penguin."

Tour Manager - Paul Stanbury

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What’s special about the wildlife?

The diversity of Argentina’s flora and fauna reflects the country’s wide variety of climate and habitats.
The subtropical north is home to cats such as Jaguar & Ocelot, many primates including howler monkeys, plus tapirs & the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara

Typical mammals of the central Pampas grasslands include Giant Anteater & armadillos, while among the special bird life found here is the flightless Tinamou

The western mountains are home to yet a different range of animal life: typical species include the Llama, Vicuna & largest flying bird in the world, the Andean Condor

The waters off Patagonia have abundant marine life such as Southern Right Whale, Orca, elephant seals & penguins

Naturetrek tours to Argentina

Naturetrek offers a selection of natural history tours to Argentina.

Our 15-day bird watching and wildlife holiday to Patagonia visits the Peninsula Valdes, Glaciares National Park and southern Patagonia in search of birds and mammals, including whales and dolphins.

We offer a holiday which goes in search of the special mammals and birds of northern Argentina, focusing on montane and Chaco habitats.

If you are on a budget we offer a 9-day bargain bird watching tour visiting some of the prime localities in northern Argentina’s spectacular Salta and Jujuy provinces.


Argentine Patagonia

The overall quality of the trip lived up to my expectations and it proved to be a very enjoyable and memorable experience.
I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday...The tour leader was excellent and did a good job in keeping everyone happy with their different interests and levels of birding experience. The local guide was a treasure. Ever helpful and amusing and informative. A joy to be with ... I look forward to my next Naturetrek holiday.
An excellent trip to a brilliant area - good value for money, a good group and loads of good birds!!