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We offer one of the largest selections of professionally organised, small group bird watching holidays around the world.

Bird Watching Holidays

The majority of all our wildlife tours focus primarily on birds, allowing us to offer a huge choice of bird holidays. On most of our bird watching tours we aim to see a wide variety of species, while taking time to enjoy other wildlife, as well as cultural highlights and architecture.

Our bird watching tours specialist recommends …

Try Coto Donana & Extremadura for an excellent introduction to Europes wetland and steppe birds. I would recommend our bargain holiday, Nepal – A Birdwatching tour for those interested in Siberian rarities and Ibisbill, while Costa Rica offers a chance to search for arguably the world’s most beautiful bird, the Resplendent Quetzal. - Byron Palacios 


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Red-capped ParrotWestern CorellasWestern Yellow RobinAustralian Pelicans at Alfred Cove, Perth (Peter Taylor)Western Grey Kangaroos (Peter Taylor)Red-eared FiretailRufous Night Heron, Vasse River, Busselton (Peter Taylor)Straw-necked Ibis colony, Vasse-WonnerupGrass Tree flower head (Peter Taylor)El Rocio (Thomas Mills)Lounge area of our hotel in El RocioAccommodation at our hotel in El RocioWhite StorksScarlet Darter (David Morris)Black Vulture (Peter Dunn)Flowers of Extremadura (David Morris)Extremadura (David Morris)El Rocio (Peter Dunn)


Why choose Naturetrek bird tours?

We have one of the largest selections of professionally organised, small group bird watching holidays around the world.

All bird watching tours are accompanied by at least one professional ornithologist leader with detailed knowledge of the area.

The majority of Naturetreks bird tours have a relaxed, flexible approach which allows more time for photography, detailed wildlife exploration, leisure time and the regions people, culture, history and architecture – while allowing the group to see a wide range of bird species.


Here is only a small selection of our many bird holidays:

Intensive bird tours

Naturetrek started by specialising in bird watching and botanical treks to remote and mountainous areas of the world.  While we continue to offer many intensive options, the majority of our botanical and bird watching tours today are more leisurely. The more intensive itineraries for the serious birder are outlined in our bargain bird watching tours section.

But we offer so much more! 

View all of our bird watching tours or call us now on +44 1962 733051 to find out more.


Our tour leaders, David and Simon, performed beyond the call of duty. They worked to ensure the smooth running of the trip. Their driving skills ensured a safe comfortable journey. Picnic preparation was excellent ... and they then led a bird watching excursion with no break! Their enthusiasm and knowledge was greatly appreciated as a very inexperienced birdwatcher. Together they were an excellent team working long hours, always with a smile.
Once again your leaders were excellent. They made sure everyone saw what was to be seen, and were cheerful and approachable, even when the birds were not! I certainly recommend them.
The three hotels were elegant. Andy Tucker was most helpful (beyond the course of duty) with my add-on stay, which worked really well.