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Wildlife holidays in the Solomon Islands with Naturetrek
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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Tell me about The Solomon Islands …

The Solomon Islands consists of six major islands and 900+ smaller islands lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and spanning an area of about 1,500 kilometres east to west. The country’s capital, Honiara, is on the island of Guadalcanal. Inhabited for thousands of years, the first Europeans to visit them were the Spanish in 1568; the islands became a British protectorate in 1893 and achieved independence in 1978. The Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II its head of state.

The Solomon Islands lie within the so-called ‘Coral Triangle’, the centre of global marine biodiversity; on land, the islands’ rainforests are rich in orchids and other flora.

Our Specialist Recommends ...

"Our ’The Solomon Islands – A Wildlife Cruise in the South Pacific’ holiday includes a 10-night (exclusive charter) cruise and is led by world-renowned marine biologist Dr Chas Anderson. Cetaceans such as Spotted and Fraser’s Dolphins, Heinroth’s Shearwater and Beck’s Petrel amongst a host of seabirds will be amongst the highlights at sea. A chance to snorkel every day on pristine coral reefs, swim with Manta Rays, and visit to remote islands home to such birds as Ducorps’ Cockatoo, Yellow-bibbed Lory and Steel-blue Flycatcher all in the company of a world-renowned guide make this a once-in-a-lifetime trip!"

Tour Manager - Kerrie Porteous

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Manta RayFloating MarketMarovo Lagoon, Solomon IslandsMV BilikikiSpinner Dolphins from MV BilikikiSnorkeller © Charles AndersonMelon-headed Whale © Charles AndersonSpotted Dolphins (Charles Anderson)Breaching Risso's (Chas Anderson)Fraser's Dolphin (Charles Anderson)LionfishMV BilikikiIsland in eastern Coral Triangle, Solomon IslandsMV BilikikiManta Ray (Charles Anderson)Solomon Islands