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Wildlife holidays in Madagascar with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Madagascar

Tell me about Madagascar …

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It lies off the coast of east Africa, across the Mozambique Channel, and straddles the Tropic of Capricorn.

Madagascar enjoys an extensive network of protected areas, most of which are open to visitors. The park fees incurred on a tour in Madagascar go towards maintaining reserves, with some economic benefits to local people ensuring that Madagascar’s tourist industry provides a good incentive to conserve its valuable ecology.

Its exceptional biodiversity and the disturbingly fast pace of environmental destruction make Madagascar a world conservation priority.

Our Madagascar specialist recommends..

"Our ‘Madagascar’s Lemurs’ holiday is our most popular tour, and goes in search of the vast array of lemurs, birds and the other unique wildlife inhabiting the rainforests, dry forests, and spiny desert of this incredible island" 

Kerrie Porteous
Operations Manager

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Mr & Mrs P.
Northern Madagascar

The Masoala Park was everything we hoped it would be. Pristine virgin forest with fantastic flora nd fauna. The nocturnal fauna was very rewarding.

Madagascar's Lemurs

This was a truly wonderful trip, with a group that gelled together and some excellent sightings - well worth the early risings and long walks. Dave Mallon was, for me, the perfect tour leader, being not only very knowledgeable and competent but also entertaining and fun to be with. He imparted information well and his ability to communicate readily with the local people was a valuable bonus. He took great care of us both in terms of our physical well being and our enjoyment of the wildlife, always ensuring that people saw what they wanted to see - quite an achievement given the wide-ranging interests of the group! Dave was more than ably supported by Claude Rambelosan who was also extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and a good communicator. The local guides and support staff, particularly our driver and his assistant, were all very good and helpful. Maurice at Andasibe was a great character and an excellent guide. This was my first experience with Naturetrek but you will certainly be amongst my first choices when planning my next adventure. Many thanks

Madagascar's Lemurs

...the holiday experience was superb. Dave Mallon was a great tour leader...he was great fun to be with and had a good fund of stories to tell without being over-talkative. Claude Rambelosen, our local naturalist, had a good knowledge of the lemurs, most birds, and especially the reptiles and amphibians.