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Wildlife holidays in Botswana with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Botswana

A land-locked country straddling the Tropic of Capricorn, Botswana offers one of the last unspoiled wildernesses in Africa. Most of the country is consumed by the sands of the vast Kalahari Desert, but in the north-western corner lies one of the great ‘natural wonders of the world’, the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta on Earth and a haven for Elephant, Southern Giraffe, Lion, Wild Dog and a wealth of other wildlife.

Remarkably for an African country, Botswana has a tiny population. Just over two million inhabitants occupy this nation that is the size of France and Germany together!

Nearly one fifth of its area is given over to national parks and it has huge game reserves.

Our Botswana specialist recommends..

"Our ‘Bostwana’ tour offers a comprehensive 15-day wildlife adventure to Chobe National Park, Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Victoria Falls and a 4-day exploration of the magnificent Okavango Delta. Our ‘Botswana’s Desert & Delta’ tour is birdwatching holiday to the spectacular inland delta of the Okavango."


Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager

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Whats special about its wildlife?

  • The largest herds in southern Africa roam free & wild
  • Botswana is home to some of the continents most spectacular & varied bird life
  • Wild Dogs are a special species to see in the region & our wildlife holidays offer the chance of seeing this elusive species
  • The Okavango transforms 15,000 square kilometres of Botswana into a paradise of palms, papyrus & crystal clear waterways teeming with wildlife

Naturetrek tours to Botswana

Naturetrek offers a range of wildlife holidays and natural history tours in Botswana. These include bargain tours as well as a comprehensive 16-day holiday.

Our tours to Botswana visit:

  • The Okavango Deltas complex habitats in search of its mammals & birds
  • Chobe National Park, which is especially famous for Elephants & waterbirds, as well as Lion & Cheetah in its savannah areas
  • Moremi Wildlife Reserve – we look for birds such as woodpeckers, barbets and weavers, plus huge herds of Buffalo, Lechwe, Zebra & other mammals on the edge of the Okavango
  • Our Botswana tour includes a visit to the Victoria Falls


The Delta is a special place but the trip was enhanced by the knowledge of the guide. We saw 240 species of birds on the trip as well as cats, Giraffe, Antelope, Elephant and hunting dogs. A very special experience!
As always a wonderful trip with Naturetrek. All the guides and camp staff in Botswana were first class. The guides were very knowledgable not just about the birds but all the animals, from the biggest Elephant to the smallest Frog.

North Yorkshire
Botswana's Highlights

The trip outline proved to be very accurate except that we saw Wild Dogs in Savuti as well as Xakanaxa! Great variety of wildlife and habitats which showed Botswana at its abundant best. The Okovango extension is a must. Shadrek had amazing knowledge and expertise, especially of birds, and we always felt safe with him. I appreciated his balance between getting close to animals but not being intrusive or disturbing them. It was a true safari experience made wonderful by our guide and fabulous camp support team who produced amazing food on an open fire and worked tirelessly to make our trip the best they could. Thank you Mosa, Mulla and KP. I enjoyed the amount of time we spent on game drives and even the journeys between camps were full of opportunities for game viewing. The Okovango extension stay at Jacana Camp was a lovely contrast of habitat and comfort to end the holiday. The light plane flight over the delta was stunning. The whole trip had many, many interesting things to do and see even for this relatively experienced 'Africa hand'. Botswana is the gem I'd been led to believe it was in terms of terrain, ecology, wildlife, culture and the organisation of tourism.