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Wildlife holidays in Belarus with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Belarus

Tell me about Belarus …

Belarus (previously known as Byelorussia or White Russia) was a former republic of the Soviet Union, gaining independence in 1991. A land locked country in Eastern Europe, it borders five countries, including Poland to the west and Russia to the north-east. Minsk is the capital city.

Belarus is a low-lying country that has over 1,000 lakes and large tracts of primary forest which provide refuge for many species of mammals and birds.

In this largely rural landscape many villagers still live a traditional style of life, scarcely affected by the tumultuous developments that have taken place around them in Europe. In such settlements there is a reliance on the benevolence of nature in the seasonal harvesting of wild mushrooms and fruits, while firewood collected from the forests still provide the fuel for cooking and heating.

Our Belarus specialist recommends..

"I recommend our ‘Belarus in Spring’ holiday for a birdwatching and natural history break exploring the wonderful primeval oak forests and wetlands of Pripiatsky Reserve and the Pripiat River."

David Phillips
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

It has a rich bird life, including eight woodpecker species, more than 16 species of raptor, and both Ural and Eagle Owls.

Over 800 species of vascular plant have been recorded, 21 of which are listed as endangered.

Its mammalian fauna includes herds of European Bison, Wild Boar, Muskrat, Elk and both Pine and Beech Martens.

Naturetrek tour to Belarus

Naturetrek offers a bird watching and natural history holiday to Belarus exploring the wonderful primeval oak forests and wetlands of the Pripiatsky Reserve.

Some highlights of this tour …

  • Searching for Black, White-backed & Grey-headed Woodpeckers
  • A chance to hear Corncrakes calling & watch lekking Great Snipe
  • A wealth of birdsong & display flights from breeding birds such as Sedge Warbler & Savi’s Warbler
  • Black & White Storks, terns, Bluethroat, Capercaillie & Black Grouse as well as a wealth of other avian species
  • Bats, Beavers & a rich flora are among the other wildlife to enjoy here


Belarus in Spring

The holiday "delivered" the birds & mammals. The guiding & bird finding was excellent. Coach was comfortable. The group blended well and was well supported by Dan.

Belarus in Spring

We were met by Duncan McNiven at Gatwick check-in, and thereafter he was always on hand to help with check in formalities in Belarus and also finding birds during the rest of the holiday. Bence was also brilliant in leading and enabled everyone to get onto the birds he found. The picnics were good and the driver did an excellent job.

Outer Hebrides
Belarus in Spring

The expertise of the leaders and the efforts they made to make the holiday a fulfilling experience.