Great prizes: Guyana quiz
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Guyana Quiz: WIN £200 off Guyana tour & further 2 Book Prizes

Giant Anteater (Peter Price)

Giant Anteater (Peter Price)

Guyana’s wildlife and pristine rainforests were put firmly on the map by the BBC in July 2008 with its stunning 3-part documentary ‘Lost Land of the Jaguar’. Our next ‘Guyana – A Timeless Paradise’ holiday departs on Monday 20th February 2012 and, in anticipation of this, we’re offering a chance to win £200 off the price of the tour, and a further two prizes of John Gimlette’s excellent book about Guyana, ‘Wild Coast’, signed by the author.

To enter our Guyana quiz:
All you have to do is email your answers to the questions below (all answers can easily be found on p.207 of our brochure or the Guyana tour webpage).

Please email all your answers by Thursday 22nd December to making sure your email is clearly labelled ‘Guyana Quiz’.


1. Name the 3 countries that border Guyana.
2. What’s the largest species of the cat family present in Guyana?
3. Name the jackdaw-sized bird present in the rainforests of Guyana (the males are famous for their lekking displays in front of watching females)?
4. The magnificent Kaieteur Falls have a sheer drop of 228 metres. How many times higher is this than the Niagara Falls?
5. Who is famous for her work in Guyana in rehabilitating orphaned Giant Otters?


Take a look at a review of John Gimlette’s book, ‘Wild Coast’:

Watch the BBC’s 2008 ‘Lost Land of the Jaguar’:
To refresh your minds about the BBC series ‘Lost Land of the Jaguar’ follow the link:

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