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Wildlife holidays in Venezuela with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Venezuela

Venezuela is a former Spanish colony which became independent in 1821.

It is a tropical South American country with numerous islands off the coast in the Caribbean Sea.

It has 2,800 kilometres of coastline. Its main geographical regions are a central plain called the llanos, the Andes in the northwest which continue along the Caribbean coast, and the Orinoco Delta in the east.

Our Venezuela specialist recommends...

"Our 'Venezuela – Off the Beaten Track' 9-day birdwatching tour visits the outstanding wetland of Morrocoy National Park and the cloudforest of Yacambu, the site of the Great Antpitta, a recent discovery."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Whats special about its wildlife?

Venezuela is listed as one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world and has a high degree of endemism. Notable mammals include Giant Anteater, Jaguar, Capybara & Boto River Dolphins, while its cloudforests and lowlands rainforests are home to a staggering 25,000 species of orchids!

Venezuela is one of the countries with most bird species on Earth. Over 1380 species have been recorded making Venezuela the worlds sixth most bird species rich nation. Forty-nine of these bird species are found only in Venezuela and a further 117 have most of their distribution within Venezuela.

What birds might I see?

Well known, charismatic species that occur in Venezuela include Torrent Duck, Greater Flamingo, Agami Heron, Scarlet Ibis, Andean Condor, Harpy Eagle, four species of large macaws, Red-fan Parrot, Hoatzin, over 100 hummingbirds, four quetzals, 18 toucans, over 90 antbirds, over 160 flycatchers, two species of Cock-of-the-Rock, White and Bearded Bellbirds, Black-capped Donacobius, Musician Wren and over 100 tanagers.

Naturetrek tours to Venezuela

Naturetrek offers a selection of wildlife holidays and natural history tours in Venezuela. These include:

  • A bargain bird watching tour in search of Andean endemics in the Sierra Nevada & a visit to the famous San Isidro tunnel
  • A bargain bird watching holiday in Venezuela&s llanos region, visiting the Henri Pittier National Park
  • Birds of Morrocy National Park & the cloudforest at Yacambu, site of the recent discovery of Giant Antpitta
  • A 16-day bird watching and wildlife holiday which includes visits to Oilbird Cave, Guayana Shield & Table Mountains
  • Extension to Angel Falls


Cecilia was knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with.

West Sussex
Venezuela - Llanos

Cecilia the guide was excellent, both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This enthusiasm filtered through the group and the camaraderie encountered was probably the best I have experienced on any tour. A good holiday, capped by the sighting of a Jaguar, something that will remain long in the memory.

Venezuela - Llanos

...would like to say that it is the best Naturetrek trip I have been on. A really brilliant introduction to South American birding. The group as a whole recorded 349 species (339 seen, 10 heard) and my personal total was 326 seen and 12 heard. That the total was so much higher than the November tour could be because of a number of factors (not least luck in hitting flocks in Henri Pittier, and no rain), but the reversed itinerary with the internal flights worked very well indeed. One advantage was that we got to know the common birds on the llanos leg, so we could concentrate on the specialities in the forest, while having the night drives early on in the trip and the more relaxed evenings later (when we were getting tired) also seems to be the right way round. Cecilia Herrera is an excellent guide, particularly good on calls, and with plenty of stakeouts for more difficult species in both the llanos and the forest (which produced good views of the birds a surprisingly high percentage of the time). She likes to keep the odd surprise tucked up her sleeve, which only makes the wows the greater when the bird appears (Spectacled Owl was just one example of this). Her attractive, bubbly personality was a big added bonus. The accommodation and food were good throughout, and the al fresco breakfasts in the forest which Cecilia arranged were an excellent and unexpected touch which was appreciated by everyone. In short, brilliant, contrasting habitats, fantastic birding, an excellent guide, good food and accommodation - a great experience all-round.