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Wildlife holidays in Romania with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Romania

Tell me about Romania …

Romania is at the crossroads of central and south-eastern Europe. Since the 1989 revolution Romania has undergone major political and economic reforms. It became a member of the EU in 2007.

Situated on the western shore of the Black Sea, with the Ukraine on its northern borders, Romania has a wide variety of habitats, including the Danube basin’s extensive wetlands, the Carpathian Mountains, evergreen forests of the north-west and rolling plains of the east.

The Danube Delta is the second largest and best preserved delta in Europe. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the centre of the country, and Romania has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest in Europe.

Our Romania specialists recommends...

"I recommend our ‘Romania – The Wildlife of Transylvania’ tour where we visit the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. We will search for the birds, flowers, butterflies and European Brown Bears that call this spectacular landscape home."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager


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Whats special about the wildlife?

Romania has not been extensively explored by the British naturalist, yet it is a country which boasts a remarkable abundance of wild flowers, many interesting butterflies and mammals, and a long list of exciting birds.

The Black Sea coast, running from north to south, is part of a major flyway for migrating birds travelling between their breeding grounds in Eurasia and their winter quarters in the Mediterranean, Africa or further east.

About 90 kilometres from the mouth of the Danube, the river divides into three channels. Enclosed between them lie 3,000 square kilometres of reedbeds, shallow lakes and forested islands. It is a wetland area larger than the Carmargue and Coto Donana combined, and this is reflected in the diversity of wildlife found here. Indeed, the Danube Delta probably deserves the title of Europes single most valuable habitat.

Naturetrek tours to Romania

Naturetreks natural history tours and wildlife holidays to Romania visit the Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea Coast and Danube Delta in search of the regions birds and mammals. We offer a short break to look for European Brown Bears and Lynx in the Carpathians, as well as a tour focusing on the rich flora of Dobrogea and the Danube Delta.

What might I see?

  • Within the Danube Delta nest over 4,000 pairs of Cormorants, 3,000 pairs of Night Herons, 2,000 pairs of Squacco Herons, 1,200 pairs of Purple Herons & 1,500 pairs of Glossy Ibis.
  • A large percentage of the European nesting populations of Great White Egrets & Pygmy Cormorants, plus Dalmatian & White Pelicans are in Romania
  • Grebes, ducks, terns & geese plus White-tailed Eagles
  • Brown Bears foraging on Carpathian hillsides, plus a chance to track wild European Lynx
  • An exploration, by boat & on foot, of the special wild flowers & birds of the Danube Delta, Black Sea Coast & Dobrogea


Loved Romania! Local guides were very knowledgeable and helpful with species identification. Particularly enjoyed being on the floating hotel - the staff were delightful and they catered to every need in the party, especially regarding diet. Saw some amazing birds, butterflies etc. and would like to return to see more of the Delta area. Everything ran like clockwork and there were a brilliant set of guests.
Our leader was one of the best we have had on one of your trips, his knowledge of birds, botany, insects and general enthusiasm was infectious.
The three different areas(of Romania)were amazing, and 16 bears well who can ask for more. The large group were all very nice but best of all were the guides. I’m now looking at other trips that Geoff Carr leads, he is truly perfect…he is really knowledgeable about so many things but best of all a really wonderful personality and sense of humour. The local guide Florin Palade, again a wealth of knowledge and absolutely everything on history, geography, geology etc and again a great personality with perfect English and German. The local botanist in Dobrogea was brilliant not just about botany but all other subjects thrown at him. A better team could not be found.