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Wildlife holidays in Hungary with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Hungary

Tell me about Hungary …

Hungary is a fascinating, land-locked country at the heart of central Europe, nestling in the Carpathian basin.

In contrast to the dramatic revolutions in Romania and East Germany, the transition in the late 1980s from the liberal Hungarian blend of communism, the so-called Goulash Communism, to today’s free democratic state was so peaceful and trouble-free that it went almost unnoticed. As a result Hungary is now one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the region.

Hungary is a land of rich scenic contrasts, from the distant horizons of the great Hungarian steppe, to the woodlands of the Bukk and Buda Hills, foothills of the Carpathian Mountain range that sweeps across central and eastern Europe

Our Hungary specialist recommends...

"Join our ‘Hungary in Summer’ tour for a general wildlife holiday where we search for the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and plants. For something a little more specialist then perhaps our ‘Hungary’s Bats, Mammals & Other Wildlife’ holiday is for you."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager

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Great Bittern (Paul Marshall)Otter feeding (Malcolm Stott)Garganey (Malcolm Stott)Cranes and full moon (Malcolm Stott)Geranium Argus (Andy Daw)Woodland Brown (Andy Daw)Lesser Fiery Copper (David Ferguson)Hungarian Glider  (David Ferguson)European Souslik, Gerard GormanFire Salamander, Gerard GormanGoat Moth, Gerard GormanLesser Purple Emperor, Gerard GormanHor valley, Bukk National ParkEarly morning Beech woodlands (Jon Stokes)Jon Stokes and Naturetrek group (Sandor)Erecting a mist net outside a bat swarming cave (Roy Taylor)

Whats special about the wildlife?

Hungarys varied habitats, much of which are still tended and farmed using wildlife friendly techniques, are home to a wonderful range of plant and animal life, all easily accessible within an excellent network of national parks.

Its birds, butterflies and rich flora are of particular interest.

Naturetrek tours to Hungary

Naturetrek offers a range of wildlife holidays and natural history tours to Hungary. Our choice of tours includes spring bird watching in the Aggtelek National Park, a holiday looking for a wide variety of butterflies in north-eastern Hungary, an exploration of the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and plants in the Bukk and Hortobagy National Parks, and an autumn bird watching holiday focusing on the migration of Common Cranes, together with wildfowl, raptors and Great Bustards.

What might I see?

  • Special birds such as Ural Owl, Imperial Eagle, Great Bustard, White-backed Woodpecker & Aquatic Warbler
  • One of the continents most impressive wildlife spectacles – the sight & sound of tens of thousands of Cranes flying to their autumnal roosts
  • There are 200 butterfly species on record for Hungary – more than three times the number found in the UK
  • The Hungarian wines are rather good, too!


Autumn in Hungary

Excellent holiday. The local guide was quite outstanding.

Autumn in Hungary

It was great to be able to be so close to where the cranes were roosting for the night. We could see line after line of birds come in. A great experience!
Hotels were comfortable. Good food, superb surroundings, very warm welcome. Both leaders knew every detail about the butterflies and were at pains to show good birds to those who were interested. Flexibility was necessary, but the sites chosen could hardly have been bettered. Vic Tucker’s knowledge of butterflies was mind-boggling. Andras Schmidt knew both butterflies and birds to an impressive extent. He was ably assisted by his wife, Ilona, and not-quite-7-year-old son, Richard, who caught two rare fritillaries for us. A word for our driver, Steve, who was much more than that: preparing lunch, helping people in and out of the coach, carrying luggage, and always smiling. This was a wonderful trip. My third holiday with Naturetrek - I certainly hope that it will not be the last.