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Wildlife holidays in Bhutan with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Bhutan

Tell me about Bhutan …

Druk-yul, the ‘Land of the Dragon’, as Bhutan is known to its inhabitants, has always been the most fiercely independent of the Himalayan kingdoms. It is also a highly individual country.

Its southern border, where the foothills of the Himalaya rise more steeply from the Indian plains than anywhere else, imposed a limit on the British Empire.

Even today Bhutan is difficult to visit. Tourists have been accepted since 1974, but the high prices demanded by the government of Bhutan have ensured that their numbers have been low – seldom more than a few thousand a year.

Our Bhutan specialist recommends..

"Our ‘Bhutan’s Bumthang Valley’ tour is an 18-day botanical holiday to this last Shangri-la, including a 6-day trek through the beautiful forests of central Bhutan."

Rajan Jolly
Operations Manager

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Bhutan is a land of boundless and beautiful forests, of enormous dzongs (remarkable buildings peculiar to Bhutan that incorporate fort, monastery and village in one!), and a proud and elegant people with a culture, architecture and dress that are quite unique and that they do not wish to change.

As one of the last strongholds of Tibetan Buddhism, its religious monuments are numerous and quite outstanding. Temples, shrines, monasteries and dzongs litter the high valleys of Bhutan, and the grandest of them are in the beautiful Paro and Bumthang Valleys

Whats special about the wildlife?

The natural history of this small mountain kingdom is still little known, but we do know that its unspoiled forests and valleys hold the best of the great variety of birds and flowers for which the eastern Himalaya is famous.

Naturetrek tours to Bhutan

Naturetreks 18-day botanical holiday to Bhutan focuses on the plants and birds of this last Shangri-la. The tour visits beautiful forests and includes a 6-day trek through the centre of the country. Our 18-day India – Assam, Darjeeling & Bhutan tour also visits the country.

Highlights of our Bhutans Bumthang Valley tour include:

  • Flowering rhododendrons, magnolias, spring flowers & shrubs
  • Plants covering an altitudinal range from 120 to 4,260 metres
  • Dzongs, monasteries, temples & shrines, including the spectacular Tiger’s Nest Monastery


The tour itinerary was just class. The contrasts between the places we visited were vivid. We have visited most continents of the world. Bhutan is the place we most want to go back to. A wonderful experience, made all the better by our tour leader, Sujan, the local guide and the hugely likeable driver and bird spotter. I cannot praise Sujan highly enough. After many tour trips, he ranks as the best tour leader/guide/friend we have ever had.
The highlights for us were the week spent in Bhutan and the 4 nights in the Sunderbans where we lived in a complex adjacent to the village which was serviced by the villagers themselves. They also performed an outstanding play for us on a traditional story about the appeasement of the Tiger God in an attempt to improve honey gathering and fishing. Our trip was enhanced by the superb leadership of Sujan Chatterjee and Karma Dorje. We understand that Naturetrek insisted that Kharma be brought out of his office job to which he had been promoted in order to lead us. This was an excellent judgement and he was a fantastic guide and an impressive individual. We also commend our Bhutanese driver, Shatoo, who never stopped working the whole of the week. He washed the bus every day and kept it spotless, even when the temperatures were below zero. He is also becoming a talented birder and on several occasions his sharp eyes spotted something before anyone else did.
Overall this was a brilliant trip with excellent leadership and company, which exceeded expectations on every day.