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Wildlife holidays in Belize with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Belize & Tikal

Tell me about Belize…

Situated in Central America, Belize (formerly British Honduras) is bordered by Mexico to the north and its eastern coast is on the Caribbean Sea. It has a very low population density and English is the official language.

Centuries of underdevelopment have today given Belize its greatest resource: its magnificent and well preserved natural history, and the country is now one of the world’s leading ecotourism destinations.

It offers swathes of untouched rainforest, endless savannah and mangrove coasts, and the most splendid coral reef in the western hemisphere – second only in size and grandeur to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

In addition to its superb natural history, Belize has over 900 ancient Mayan ruins, including the magnificent ruined Mayan city of Tikal just over the Guatemalan border.

Our Belize specialits recommends...

"Why not try our ‘Belize’ wildlife holiday where we enjoy the region’s diverse mammals and birds, as well as the impressive Mayan ruins, or perhaps our ‘Belize & Tikal’ tour on which we explore the undisturbed forests, magnificent ruins and coral reefs in the realm of the Maya."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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What’s special about its wildlife?

Belize offers excellent, fairly easy, Neotropical bird watching including hummingbirds, trogons and manakins, plus an array of interesting mammal species.

Naturetrek tours to Belize

Naturetrek offers two natural history tours to Belize: a 15-day bird watching holiday visiting undisturbed forests, magnificent Mayan ruins, pristine coral reefs and desert, and a bargain mammal tour in the heart of the Mayan mountains.

The main sites of interest are all located within a pleasantly manageable geographical area and served by comfortable accommodation.

What might I see on a Naturetrek Belize tour?

  • A wonderful variety of wetland birds including specialties such as Sungrebe, Jabiru & Mangrove Vireo
  • A site where over 300 species of birds have been recorded within an 8-mile radius & hummingbirds, tityras, becards & flycatchers can be watched from a comfortable viewing deck
  • Puffbirds, honeycreepers & Guatemalan Howler Monkeys, plus Mayan ruins at Tikal
  • Night-time lagoon spotlight search for Hickatees, Fish-eating Bats & large river turtles
  • A marine reserve to look for Nurse Sharks & groupers
  • Rest & relaxation in the Caribbean breeze
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Belize & Tikal

Both leaders - Andy Smith and Ivar - were excellent and superb due to their expertise, knowledge, time and patience to assist and impart their knowledge to all of us. Andy Smith is a brilliant birder and we would go with him again.

Mr & Mrs C.
South Yorkshire
Belize & Tikal

Overall my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. The guides were good, in particular the main guide, Peter Herrera was great; he was a very impressive birder and did everything that he possibly could to help us enjoy our trip. The Tikal local guide was Tony Ortiz who was also great, informative, entertaining and a joy to be with. Vicky at Pook's Hill was a perfect host. Pook's Hill was the nicest place that we've been to for some years; Vicky and Kate made us very welcome, the place was delightful and we enjoyed the whole experience and we were sad to leave.
Brilliant trip, saw many great birds, including numerous American Warblers (more than I could find in the UK). This could easily be a 'bird only' trip, but the mammals, insects, reptiles and Mayan ruins in Guatamala made for a fascinating all-round trip.