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Peru - 'Surf & Turf'

Tour Code: PER03

A 10-day birding holiday to Peru's western Andes and Humboldt Current ecosystem in search of the spectacular endemic and range-restricted species of the region.

10 days from £2895(inc flights) Land Only Price: £2295 SRS: £295

This is an exciting birding holiday to Peru with direct BA flights to Lima and involving no domestic flights! During the 10-night tour we’ll make a thorough, ‘endemic-strewn’ exploration of Peru’s western Andean slopes and Humboldt Current ecosystem in search of a host of interesting species. Beginning on the Pacific seaboard, we will search around coastal lagoons, scrub and marshes near Lima for species such as Great Grebe. Next we drive east into the rugged Andean foothills in search of highly prized arid west-slope endemics including Bronze-tailed Comet and Rusty-bellied Brush-finch. We then explore the high-altitude páramo before travelling south to the Reserva Nacional de Paracas where we’ll go in search of pelagic birds including gulls, boobies, penguins and skuas as well as the resident sea lions.

  • Look for Many-coloured Rush-Tyrant & Peruvian Thick-knee near Lima
  • Rufous-breasted Warbling Finch & Great Inca Finch among west-slope endemics
  • White-bellied Cinclodes & Diademed Sandpiper-plover in high-altitude bogs
  • Endemic White-cheeked Cotinga in Polylepis
  • Roosting Andean Condors taking to air
  • Enjoy the Ballestas Islands spectacle – thousands of Southern Sea Lions
  • Humboldt Penguin, Inca Tern & Peruvian
  • Led by expert Peruvian birding guide well known to Naturetrek


    All meals are included except for the evening meal in Lima on the day of departure.


    All accommodation is included in the cost of the holiday.

    Outline Itinerary Download

    Day 1 Fly Lima

    Day 2 Santa Eulalia

    Day 3 Huachupampa

    Day 4/5 Marcopomacocha; San Mateo

    Day 6 Return Lima

    Day 7/8 Paracas

    Day 9 Lima

    Day 10 Arrive UK

    After arriving in Lima (on BA’s new direct flight from London Gatwick), we begin our holiday on Peru’s expansive Pacific seaboard, under the southern hemisphere’s bright blue summer skies. Here we will search for Great Grebe, Many-coloured Rush Tyrant, ducks, herons, waders and Peruvian Thick-knee in and around Lima’s coastal lagoons and marshes. We next drive east along the spectacular Santa Eulalia road, which takes us up into the rugged Andean foothills high above Lima. Here we will search for several highly-prized endemics including Rufous-breasted Warblingfinch, Bronze-tailed Comet, Black-necked Woodpecker, Great Inca-finch, Thick-billed Miner and Rusty-bellied Brush-finch. Tall stands of introduced Eucalyptus trees often hold the diminutive Peruvian Pygmy-owl and, if the weather is favourable, Andean Condor may take to the air. Higher still, we will explore patches of threatened Polylepis forest at sunrise in search of the beautiful endemic White-cheeked Cotinga.

    We then continue our journey, driving 100 miles east of Lima to the desolate, windswept páramo at Marcapomacocha, where we’ll wrap up warmly to scour these high-altitude cushion plant bogs for two charismatic species: the endemic White-bellied Cinclodes and the beautifully patterned Diademed Sandpiperplover. Dark-winged Miner and Junin Canastero are two further target endemics, along with more widespread birds such as Streak-throated Canastero, Plain-breasted Earthcreeper and White-winged Diuca-finches.

    We next drive back down the central Andean highway to Lima before turning south to the Reserva Nacional de Paracas, the most important wildlife sanctuary on the Peruvian coast. Pelagic birds nest on the offshore islands in such impressive numbers that their nitrogen-rich droppings (guano) collect in quantities large enough to be commercially exploited for fertiliser. During a morning excursion to the islands we will hope to see Humboldt Penguin, Chilean Skua, Peruvian Tern and the beautiful Inca Tern, as well as up to four gull species, Peruvian and Blue-footed Boobies, Peruvian Diving-petrel and the resident sea lion colony. Jose Antonio Padilla, known to many of our clients for his expert guidance in Peru and Bolivia, will lead this exciting new tour.

    Many-coloured-rush-tyrantInca TernGuanay CormorantGreater YellowlegsGiant CootFranklins GullsDiademed Sandpiper PloverChilean FlamingoChestnut-throated seedeaterBlack SkimmerBlackish OystercatcherBlack-faced IbisBelchers GullBar-winged CinclodesAndean GullAndean CondorAndean CondorAmerican Royal TernAmerican Black VultureWhite-cheeked PintailTiclioSouth American Sea LionRed-legged CormorantPuna SnipePeruvian thick-kneePeruvian Pygmy OwlMarine OtterMarcapomacochas

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    Wed 14th November 2018 - Fri 23rd November 2018



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    Flights: Flights are included in the tour costMore info

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    Land only cost: £2295 More info

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    Wed 28th November 2018 - Fri 7th December 2018



    more details

    Flights: Flights are included in the tour costMore info

    Regional Departures: Regional Departures are available. Call 01962 733051 for detailsMore info

    Land only cost: £2295 More info

    Room sharing options: More info

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